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Congratulations Mr Jim Pittman!

Mr Jim Pittman retires from the Air Force Medical Service after 26 years of faithful government service.

Auditory Hallucinations

Music is irresistible, haunting, and unforgettable, and in Musicophilia, Oliver Sacks tells us why.

For some people, the music comes unbidden, sticks around, makes too much noise and won’t go away.

No Fortissimo? Symphony Told to Keep it Down

I know conductors who have hundreds of shades of fortissimo, but not many in the lower levels. Maybe the whole world is just becoming louder.

They had rehearsed the piece only once, but already the musicians at the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra were suffering. Their ears were ringing. Heads throbbed.


These bylaws are current as of February, 2008.

Lyric Hearing Aid

Interesting, and somewhat controversial article in The New York Times on the new Lyric Hearing Aid.

Elizabeth Guild Photo Album

A small photo collection of LtCol Elizabeth Guild.

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