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Air Force Audiology Association Announcements

NHCA Golden Lobe Award

Capt John Hall was awarded the Golden Lobe Award by the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) at NHCA’s 1999 Annual Conference in Atlanta, GA. The Golden Lobe award recognizes committee members who contribute beyond the call of duty. Candidates are nominated by the NHCA Executive Council, Committee Chairs, and Ad-Hoc Committee Chairs. Capt Hall received his award for his work on the Ad-Hoc Committee for Audiologic Referral Criteria for Hearing Conservation Professionals.

Outstanding AF Audiologist/Speech Pathologist of the Year

Congratulations to all the MAJCOM winners. This 1998 recipient of the AF level award is Capt Cynthia Sabin from Fairchild AFB. Capt Sabin has also been selected to attend an AFIT sponsored Ph.D. program in residence, starting Fall 1999. Congratulations Capt Sabin!


Congratulations to LtCol Beth Cargo upon her selection to Colonel! Col (sel.) Cargo is only the third AF audiolgist or speech pathologist to achieve the rank of Colonel. Col (ret.) Merle Tanner, speech pathologist, and Col Ben Sierra, audiologist, preceed our newest Colonel. She further distinguishes herself by being promoted one year below-the-zone thus becoming the first AF Aud/SLP to receive that accolade. Congratulations, once again, to Col (sel.) Cargo!

Congratulations to Capt Linda Morris who will soon be wearing the gold leaf on her shoulders!

On the move…

  • Capt. Melissa Hatcher from Lackland AFB, TX to Lakenheath AB, UK
  • Capt John Hall from Lakenheath AB, UK to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.
  • Congratulations to Maj Kim Scott (CCC-SLP) on successfully completing her doctoral program and defending her dissertation at the University of Florida. She is now on her way to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH to fill a research position there.
  • LtCol Craig Jordan from Brooks AFB, TX to Landsthul Army Hospital, GE
  • Maj Jenny Rainwater from Landsthul Army Hospital, GE to MacDill AFB, FL
  • Capt Rob Pluta from MacDill AFB, FL to Offutt AFB, NE
  • Capt Ane Shull from Offutt AFB, NE to Lackland AFB, TX
  • Maj Ann Prohaska from Andrews AFB, MD, to Eglin AFB, FL
  • Capt Tom Spongberg from Langley AFB, VA, to Andrews AFB, MD.
  • Capt Tressie Waldo from Brooks AFB, TX to Wright-Patterson AFB, OH.
  • LtCol David Wirth from Wright-Patterson AFB, OH to Travis AFB, CA.

Retirements and Separations

Good luck to Capt Stephanie Rash who leaves the Air Force after her tour of duty at Lakenheath AB, UK, as speech-language pathologist.

New Accessions

Welcome to Capt Stephen Steele who recently began duties at Kelly AFB. Capt Steele is a graduate of Texas Tech University and entered military service via the Army in 1991. He also has experience dispensing hearing aids in Florida but his family came to miss the military lifestyle. We wish Capt Steele success upon his return to military service!

Welcome to 1Lt Alicia Burke who starts her AF audiology experience at Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB, TX. Alicia is a Navy Brat whose father is a Captain stationed in Hawaii. She received degrees from Cal State, Sacramento and the MA from Western Washington Univ, WA. She spent the past year spent as a Spectrum audiologist at Madigan Army Med Ctr, Ft. Lewis, WA. Her primary interest has become electrophysiological testing and she enjoys practicing audiology in a hospital setting. Welcome, Lt Burke!

Other News

Jonathan Thomas Aldridge was born in May 1999. What makes this special is that both Mom (Maj Denise Aldridge) and Dad (Capt Richard Aldridge, AFRES) also share the same birthday! Congratulations to the Aldridges!

Congratuations to Capt Rob Shull and Capt Ane Shull (formerly Thonsgard) who were married this year. Rob is stationed at Brooks AFB, TX and Ane is at Wilford Hall.

Captains Thia Sabin and Rob Shull were awarded Company Grade Officer of the Quarter during 1998. Congratulations!

An AFMC conference call was held at the request of Col Cynthia Smith, Command Public Health Officer, to address concerns with HCP completion rates. Program managers should work with Capt. Agres, Chief HCDR, to ensure accurate data reporting of completion rates and program denominators.

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