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Doug Ohlin, Tampa, FL, February 2006 Welcome to the Military Audiology Association! Our organization’s mission is to ensure operational readiness and quality-of-life to the Fighting Force and eligible beneficiaries by providing cost-effective hearing health care through state-of-the-art audiological services, including prevention, medical surveillance, education, and research. We will strategically place military audiologists to support the Fighting Force for success on the modern battlefield. Military audiologists are recognized as primary experts and providers of hearing health care. We will achieve pre-eminence in preventing disease-non-battle-injury. We will emerge as leaders in preventive medicine activities by promoting education and research to enhance operational readiness.

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2015 JDVAC Call for Papers and Posters

The Joint Defense Veterans Audiology Conference Education Committee is seeking innovative and interactive course and poster ideas that will provide JDVAC attendees with an unmatched opportunity to gain relevant information, resources, and takeaways that they can implement into their practice immediately.


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Pearl Harbor, HI, with the Department of the Navy.

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