Hearing Aids


Retiree-At-Cost Hearing Aid Program/Retiree Hearing Aid Purchase Program

CAVEAT:  Several site only offer the program to retirees who are enrolled at the treatment facility or are located within the catchment area.  Retirees should contact the clinic directly to see if they qualify for the service.

Advances in technology now make hearing aids into high-tech medical devices. The best hearing aids ever made are now in production.

Military retirees from active duty, Guard, and Reserve units who have hearing loss and/or tinnitus are eligible to receive care at Military Treatment Facilities can participate in this program. Retired Commissioned Officers of the US Public Health Service are also eligible for this program at military treatment facilities, under certain conditions.

Dependents of military retirees are ineligible to participate in this program throughout the US.

Retirees can obtain hearing aids at significant savings by using our program. Two hearing aids can usually be purchased for less than $2,000. Exact costs are variable and subject to change at any time without notice. Contact your nearest audiology clinic for further details.

Note:  Your closest clinic could be located hundreds of miles away from your home. The costs to travel for this program need to be considered versus the availability of an audiologist in your local community to assist you with repairs, warranty repairs, re-programming, etc.

Not every medical facility is able to provide this program. Care of active duty members takes precedent at all MTFs. It is recommended that you contact the appropriate military facility before incurring significant travel expenses. Facilities may discontinue this program for any reason without notice to us.

Retirees can use any military treatment facility which will accept them; you don’t need to return to your service affiliation to participate in this program.

This program is not a TRICARE benefit.

Listed facilities and contact information below. This information is subject to change at any time.  It is recommended that you contact the appropriate facility before incurring significant travel expenses.

Please note – retirees who have enrolled in the US Family Health System (USFHS) insurance program are not able to use RACHAP because they are no longer eligible for healthcare through military treatment facilities. Retirees who wish to disenroll from USFHS may do so, but they will not be allowed to reenroll at a later date. You are encouraged to speak with your local USFHS or TRICARE representative before making this decision.

Last updated:  20 Feb 17

Listed by State, Lower 48

State Site DSN Phone Commercial Phone Additional Information
AL Ft. Rucker 255-7185 334-255-7185  
CA NMC San Diego     Limited to existing patients
CA Travis AFB     Limited to existing patients
CT NHC Groton   1-888-NAVY-MED Limited to 100 mile radius
FL Eglin AFB     Limited to catchment region
FL NH Jacksonville     Space Available; Requires enrollment at MTF
GA Ft. Gordon   706-787-6689  
GA Ft. Stewart      
GA Ft. Benning      
IL Captain James A. Lovell FHCC   224-610-3759 Limited to 75 mile radius; Requires enrollment at FHCC; Requires referral from FHCC provider
KY Ft. Campbell     Space Available
LA Ft. Polk 863-3300 337-531-3276  
MD Andrews AFB 857-8860 (240) 857-8860  
MD Ft. Mead      
MD Walter Reed   301-295-7840  
MO Ft. Leonard-Wood   573-596-0048 Limited to local beneficiaries
MS Keesler AFB      
NV Nellis AFB     Limited to catchment region
OH Wright-Patterson AFB 674-8399 937-904-8399  
OK Ft. Sill   580-558-2235 Limited to retirees living in OK & their dependents receiving care at the MTF.
RI NHC New England     Limited to 100 mile radius
SC Ft. Jackson      
SC NH Beaufort      
TX Lackland AFB 554-5421 (210) 292-5421 Limited to TX residents
TX Ft. Bliss      
VA NMC Portsmouth 377-2800 757-953-2800  
VA Joint Base Langley Eustis      
WA NH Bremerton      
WA Joint Base Lewis McCord    

Outside the 48 States

Location Site DSN Phone Commercial Phone Additional Information
Alaska Joint Base Elmendorf
England RAF Lakenheath 314-226-8566 +44 01638-52-8566
Germany Landstuhl RMC 590-5820 06371-946-45820
Germany Grafenwoehr Health Clinic
Hawaii Tripler Army Medical Center 315-433-5742 808-433-5742
Italy Aviano AB 632-5459
Japan Yokota AB 315-225-2017 011-81-31175-52017


The Retiree Assistive Listening Device (RALD) program offers Military Service Members and their families, a unique opportunity. In an effort to help improve the quality of life for those who serve our country, Williams Sound has designed a factory direct program that provides access to assistive listening devices at a discounted price. More information about the RALD is posted here.