If you’re interested in an audiology career with…

  • job diversity
  • teaching opportunities
  • excellent pay and benefits
  • advanced education opportunities

You’ll find these things as a military audiologist.

Professional Opportunities

  • hearing conservation (occupational and industrial audiology)
  • medical/diagnostic
  • dispensing/amplification
  • rehabilitation
  • research
  • preventive medicine
  • command and leadership
  • teaching

Salary and Compensation

Military audiologists wear two hats; commissioned officer and audiologist. Most enter service at pay grade O-3. Salary varies with years of service and rank. For example:

Monthly pay varies with years of service and rank.
Example Variations Table
Time in Service Pay Grade Basic Pay
<2 years or less O-2 $3,496.50
>3 years O-3 $4,950.90
>4 years O-3 $5,683.50
>10 years O-4 $6,887.40
>20 years O-5 $8,798.10

Notes: Consult your service for specific information on board certification pay and additional military compensation which combines:

  • basic pay
  • basic allowance for subsistence
  • housing allowance (based upon locale)
  • and includes tax advantage from untaxed allowances

Source: Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS), 1 January 2017.

See the Monthly Basic Pay Table (get Adobe Reader) for updated salary figures for all uniformed members.

Other Benefits

  • medical coverage
  • dental coverage
  • low cost life insurance
  • continuing education
  • 30 days vacation
  • 10 federal holidays
  • post-masters educational opportunities
  • world-wide assignment locations

Educational Opportunities

  • Clinical Fellowship
    • For the Army 4th Year Audiology Externship Opportunity, please submit your inquiries here.
  • CAOHC course director
  • training with industry
  • long term health education training (AuD, PhD, MPH)

Doctoral Studies

  • AuD – available at reduced cost through CMU/Vanderbilt distance learning program
  • PhD – if selected you’ll receive full pay and benefits while in school

Civilian and Reserve Opportunities

There are opportunities for employment in military hospitals as a civilian audiologist or speech language pathologist. Civilians are paid according to a General Schedule and many audiologists start at GS-11 or GS-13 on this pay scale. The Office of Personnel Management is a vast site with much information about civilian employment in the US federal government.

Opportunities also exist for service in the Reserve branches of the Armed Forces. You’ll get to wear the uniform but not as often as an active duty officer.

Further Information


The interested party is instructed to contact the local recruiter and ask to speak with the AMEDD Health Care Recruiter who is supposed to act as liaison for Office of the Surgeon General and the applicant.


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