Operation BANG

Day 3: Hearing Appreciation Day

Objective: The students will better appreciate their hearing and effect of noise on hearing.


  1. As an attention step, review some facts about noise and hearing from the previous two days. Ask the class if they know anyone with a hearing loss. Have them describe that person’s behavior.
  2. Play the hearing guessing game. Play the “soda pop” demonstration from the Cabot Safety audio cassette, hearing loss mode first. Have the children guess what the sound was. Then, play the unfiltered soda. Ask the students what they thought the sound was this time. If time allows, play the filtered and unfiltered music clip from the same tape.
  3. Administer the hearing loss simulated Hearing Test from the AAA tape. Ask the students how it made them feel. Would they like to hear like that? How could they prevent that kind of loss?
  4. If possible, interview someone with a noise-induced hearing loss and/or tinnitus. When selecting an interviewee, look for someone who is entertaining to children. Prearrange the questions and the purpose of the interview with the interviewee.
  5. Homework: Keep a “noise diary” of exposures to loud sound for one month. Also, write down possible ways to decrease the volume of the noise. In addition, wear hearing protection when exposed to loud sound and convince others to do the same.
  6. Review all that was learned during the past three days. Stress the three ways to protect your hearing and the 3-foot rule. Summarize and close as appropriate. The Know Noise video is a good summary if time allows.

Materials Needed:

  • Cassette player
  • Hearing Test from American Academy of Audiology (or
  • Cabot Safety cassette
  • Interviewee
  • Know Noise video