2010 JDVAC Presentations

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

Vestibular Functions and Space Medicine; Col (ret) John Allen, Ph.D.

Compensation & Pension Workshop; Kyle C. Dennis, Ph.D.

VA Remote Order Entry System (ROES) for DoD Audiology Staff; Mary Ann Blumenthal

Magnitude of Hearing Loss and Open Ear Fittings; Elizabeth Talmage, AuD, Mia Rosenfeld, PhD, Ginny Alexander, MS

Initial-Fit Algorithm vs. Probe-Microphone Verification: Comparing Self-Perceived Benefit; Harvey B. Abrams, Theresa Hnath Chisolm, Megan McManus, Rachel A. McArdle

Computerized Auditory Training to Rehabilitate Traumatic Brain Injury: An Emerging Trend? LTC Eric B. Peterson, M.S. USAR

Central Auditory Processing Disorders Associated with Blast Exposure; Therese C. Walden Au.D. Lina Kubli, M.A

DALC Future Applications; Kevin Quitmeyer

VA Bilateral Cochlear Implant Candidacy Protocol; Nancy Cambron, Au.D., Maureen Wargo, M.A., Sherri L. Smith, Ph.D.

How Templates Work for Quick and Efficient Report Writing; Laura Cote, Au.D.

Supporting Families with Children with Hearing Loss in the Military; LT Anne Jarrett, Au.D

Telehealth Applications in Audiology; Gail Takahashi, Ph.D., Chad Gladden, Au.D., Erica Dombrowsky, Au.D., Daniel Chadwell, Ph.D., Kyle Dennis, Ph.D.