Retiree Assistive Listening Devices – The RALD Program

The RALD Program, initiated by Williams Sound Corp, offers Military Service Members and their families, a unique opportunity. In an effort to help improve the quality of life for those who serve our country, Williams Sound has designed a factory direct program that provides access to assistive listening devices at a discounted price. We hope that this small measure may help improve the quality of life for those who need it most.

Who can Benefit? Any Military Retiree or Family Member of a Military Retiree may take advantage of this opportunity.

How to Buy: Purchases may be made directly with Williams Sound Corp.’s headquarters by calling, faxing, mailing, or, e-mailing your order. Please see below for contact information. This is also available on your order form.

What is an Assistive Listening Device? An ALD is a device designed to pick up sounds from the sound source (or what you want to hear) and bring it directly to your ear. This eliminates the need to struggle to hear in various situational settings. ALDs can provide a cost effective solution for those with temporary or permanent hearing loss depending upon the type and severity of loss. An ALD can also provide situational relief for hearing loss allowing the isolation often associated with hearing impairment to become a thing of the past.

The two product descriptions below outline a few of the many opportunities and possible applications that our wide variety of ALDs can provide:
The SoundPlus TV Listening System allows users to listen to the TV or stereo at a comfortable volume without disturbing others. This innovative system provides for relaxed at home television viewing or can be used for television/stereo listening on base where a quiet environment may be imperative. Williams Sound also has large area infrared listening systems that can be used for movie viewing–accommodating an unlimited number of users. Infrared offers NO interference to RF equipment!

The Pocketalker personal amplifier is a small simple to use product designed to help individuals hear more clearly in one on one situations, at the dinner table, in the car, at a restaurant, playing cards etc. Ideal for use in doctor/patient interviews, this simple amplifier allows for comfortable private communication. In the field immediate communication can be provided to those returning from combat, with temporary or permanent hearing loss, allowing contact and communication to be provided in critical situations.

Our team at Williams Sound would be happy to discuss your needs at length and tell you more about the variety of products we offer. You can reach a RALD customer service agent toll free at 1-800-843-3544. We look forward to hearing from you soon and improving the qualify of life for our military service members and their families!

Contact information:

Williams Sound Corp
10300 Valley View Rd
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Phone: 800-328-6190 ext. 748, or 952-224-7748
Fax: 952-943-2252