AFAA 1997 Business Meeting Minutes

The meeting was opened by AFAA President Capt Tressie Waldo at 1410 in Kissimmee, FL.

Secretary’s Report:

Capt Rob Pluta distributed minutes from last years meeting. Minutes were also posted on the World Wide Web (WWW) edition of the newsletter. It was moved the minutes be approved. The motion was seconded and carried.

Treasurer’s Report:

Major Bob Shumate reported a balance of ~$1500.

Committee Reports:

1. Constitution and By-Laws Committee: Committee Chairman Lt Col Beth Cargo was absent. It was suggested that the Secretary contact Lt Col Cargo to determine if she would like to transfer these duties.

2. Membership Committee: Committee Chairman is open so there was no report. Major Ann Prohaska volunteered to head this committee.

3. Awards, History and Archives Committee: Committee Chairman Capt Agres presented the membership with an archives binder, which includes photos, Military Audiology Short Course programs and AFAA minutes from previous meetings. Capt Shawn Gibson volunteered to head this committee.

4. Newsletter Committee: Co-editors Capt Rob Pluta and Capt Thia Sabin distributed hard copies of the newsletter to those who desired. Mention was also made of the existence of the newsletter on the World Wide Web to help reduce costs involved in the distribution of the newsletter. Maj Theresa Schulz thanked the co-editors for their efforts.

Old Business:

Capt Waldo recalled that there was a discussion about making the immediate past President a non-voting member of the executive council and mentioned that there did not appear to be a necessity of altering the by-laws to accomplish this.

New Business:

Maj Schulz suggested that the AFAA provide the Audiology Awareness Campaign with a donation. Lt Col Allen mentioned that depending on the size of the donation approval would need to come from either the executive council or the membership at large. A decision on the size of the donation was delayed until the Public Relations committee and Treasurer discuss this issue together. Capt Waldo suggested that other organizations may be coming forward to ask for donations and that we should survey the membership to prioritize recipients of donations. Lt Col Allen suggested a World Wide Web form or use of e-mail to distribute the form.

Capt Sabin mentioned that the newsletter gives the AFAA great visibility and is good for public relations. She solicitated for addresses of other tangentially related groups or people who might have an interest in knowing about us to include in newsletter mailings.

Lt Col Cari Sherris suggested the compilation of a series of AF forms and documents into a collection that a new AF speech pathologist or audiologist would find professionally useful. This collection is not intended to replace the content of the New Bees Guild which was recently developed by Maj Deltuva. Maj Schulz suggested that AF money be appropriated for this venture. Lt Col Allen mentioned that we can discuss these matters during the regular video teleconferences. Capt Sabin suggested that we spend more time at our yearly meeting discussing professional issues. A motion was made that AFAA purchase a computer scanner for use by the newsletter co-editors in order to put forms and documents on the WWW page. Capt Shawn Gibson mentioned how quickly computer equipment becomes obsolete and volunteered to scan documents with his personal scanner for the AFAA. An amendment was made that the Executive committee and the newsletter committee discuss this issue at a later date. The amendment passed.

Lt Col Cari Sherris encouraged military audiologists to submit articles for publication to military medicine journals such as Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine. By doing this we can also provide ourselves with greater exposure.

Capt Bob Eppens mentioned that the next American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) meeting would be held in Boston, the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) meeting would be held in Los Angeles, and the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA) meeting would be held in Alberquerque, NM. Capt Waldo asked the membership about a preference for next year’s Miltary Audiology Short Course (MASC) which is sponsored by the Air Force. A vote was taken and it was decided that next year’s MASC would be held in conjunction with NHCA.

Maj Schulz mentioned that her and Lt Col Allen are the AFAA representatives for specialty recognition and that they could answer questions regarding this issue.

Lt Col Dave Wirth cautioned that with the advent of the WWW page new issues of privacy, confidentiality and security have arisen. The WWW page at this time is available to anyone in the world who has any interest in the contents of the page. A discussion ensued about use of government and personal computers for professional use regarding the sharing of information as AF professionals.

Lt Col Cari Sherris mentioned the Military Women’s Memorial and suggested submitting information about Elizabeth Guild for inclusion. A motion was moved and seconded that Lt Col Sherris provide pertinent information for inclusion to the memorial.

Capt Bob Eppens conveyed greetings from Capt John Hall, Capt Ada Haber-Perez, Capt Stephanie Rash, Capt Evanne Hoolsema and Major Deltuva, all currently serving in European assignments, who could not attend the meeting. Capt Eppens also cautioned about a possible virus in the e-mail/address file which has been passed around thru the internet. He also mentioned that he has audiolgy briefings and presentations in PowerPoint format for others to use.

All business concluded, the president asked for a motion to adjourn the meeting. A motion was made and seconded. The meeting adjourned at 1445.