About - Military Audiology Association



Membership in the Military Audiology Association (MAA) is open to active duty, Federal civilian, Reserve Component, or Federal retiree, who is a duly certified audiologist or graduate of an accredited college or university and working in the field of audiology or hearing science. Further information can be found in our bylaws (2017).

Association Goals

To advance the profession of audiology within the US Department of Defense by:

  • disseminating knowledge and information
  • promoting quality health care
  • protecting and maintaining the hearing sensitivity of those exposed to hazardous levels of noise
  • establishing and maintaining cooperation among medical, biological, engineering and other sciences associated with the profession of audiology
  • and to further professional growth and social contact among audiologists and other allied professionals

Current Officers

MAA Executive Board (quorum required):

  • President:  CPT Maggie Schad, USA
  • Vice-President: LCDR Seth Garcia, USN
  • Secretary: Maj Erin Artz, USAF
  • Member-at-large: CPT Angela Day, USA
  • Past-President: MAJ Jennifer Noetzel, USA

MAA Executive Council & CAOHC Reps:

  • Treasurer/Executive Administrator:  MAJ Georgina Blasco, USAR
  • Communications Director:  CPT Kim Pierre, USAR
  • CAOHC Reps:  LTC John (Andy) Merkley, USA & Maj Johnny Foster, USAF

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